How does the membership work?


On the 15th of each month, the following will be added to the Members’ Area:
• 1 new in-depth, engaging, rigorous resource that is perfect for first graders
• 4 interactive read aloud companion resources (with text-dependent questions, stop points, vocabulary cards, and much more!)
• 1 teacher tool to help you with the backend of teaching/to help keep you organized

Plus, you’ll get 24/7 access to an exclusive private Facebook group that is overflowing with constant support & self-care practices and tons of special surprises along the way!

You get all of the above for just $19/month. Click here to join.

Who is the membership for?


The membership is for first grade teachers (or teachers who have students who are at a first grade level) who want enriching first grade appropriate resources, ongoing support from other first grade teachers, and are ready to THRIVE in and out of the classroom!

I’m not a first grade teacher! Can I still join?


You know your students best! If you’re a kindergarten, second grade, or special education teacher and you have a large handful of students who are working at a first grade level, then you may find the membership to be a perfect fit for you!

The beauty of this membership is if you join the first month and decide it’s not a right fit, then you can cancel and you won’t be charged again. No questions asked!

However, if all (or almost all) of your students are not at a first grade level, then I wouldn’t recommend joining the membership at this time.

Will you sell the resources in the membership on TpT too?


All of the resources are exclusive to the membership. They are all brand new resources and will not be added them to my TpT shop. So if you want them, this is the only place to access them!

Are the resources just a bunch of worksheets and fluff?


No! This membership is all about THRIVING in and out of the classroom. Your students (and you!) will not be able to thrive with pages and pages of worksheets. We want first graders to use their hands, minds, and socialization skills, right? That’s exactly what these resources ask students to do! They are research-based, engaging, and CCSS aligned – made by a teacher for teachers!

I don’t have a Facebook! Is it still worth it to join the membership?


Absolutely! The resources alone are worth the membership cost. But, come on, friend! We want you in the group! The Facebook group is where all of the ongoing support, collaboration, and real talk will happen.

If you’re hesitant to join the Facebook group because you don’t want to reveal your name or private information, you should consider joining under another name. That way you still get to participate. If you decide to do so, just email Lyndsey at support@teachandthrive.com and let her know which name you’ll be joining under.

But, if you’d rather not join the group, that’s okay too! Like I promised above, the resources alone are more than worth the monthly cost.

Can I earn professional development credits for being a member?


You’ll be able to download a professional development log and certificate inside the Members’ Area. These files document that you are participating in a teacher membership that focuses on strategies to increase student engagement and rigor. You can add the professional development log and certificate to your professional development binder and/or you can submit it for review by your district’s Professional Development Committee to see if you can earn credits for participating.

*The certificate does not guarantee approval. It only proves attendance and participation.

Why can’t I join the membership anytime?


The goal of the membership is to teach and thrive! In order to truly thrive, we need to build a community and stick together. We want everyone to feel supported, heard, and understood. It would be difficult to do that if new members were joining every day!

What if I join and then later decide that the membership is not for me?


If you join and decide the membership is not for you, no problem. You can cancel anytime. No questions asked!

Upon cancelling, your subscription will stop and you will not be billed for any future months.

*Once you cancel your membership, you no longer have access to the resources in the Members’ Area or to the Facebook group. You will need to download all resources before canceling your membership.

If I cancel my membership, can I rejoin at any time?


No, the membership is only open for enrollment for a limited time. If you cancel your membership and then decide you want to join again, you’ll have to wait until the next time it opens.

Important: If you cancel and rejoin, you will not have access to the previous months’ resources. Your membership will start all over again.

Will I need to purchase or locate the monthly read aloud texts or do you provide them?


You will need to acquire the monthly books on your own. The books are not provided for you. But, the book titles I have chosen are easy accessible. They are fantastic titles, but not uncommon to find. My suggestion, before you go out and purchase the books, is to check your public or school library or ask a colleague to borrow them.

Do you offer refunds?


The materials are delivered to you electronically (PDF, Word, PowerPoint). For that reason, I do not offer refunds. However, if you join the membership and find it’s not a good fit for you, you can cancel anytime and you won’t be charged again. No questions asked!

If you have other questions, please contact support@teachandthrive.com.